(click picture to see full size)I’m currently taking a few commissions - not sure how many i may take, just depends take a look at my price sheet and let me know if you’d like anything viaask or e-mail at kayboss@me.comalso offering $120 full reference sheets like this one-http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14011791/ (mild nudity)

Adopt! $40 Send me an ask to claimreblogging would help a lot, thanks!

Hmm, Ok, perhaps for $40?
- the fall -
a rex boy i made for a rp with a friend c:
A pigeon boop.slapped a seagull beak on there for kicks -
This was a lil boop i posted a while ago to twitter
A trade with Createdbyone of fa! 
A continuation of this - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11082509/ promotion image for my side plot Kruos! Also Liaka’s new look?? She’s holding a kruos itself. If your interested in this kinda thing you could read this dumb thing- http://kruosyes.blogspot.com/ Though it’s pretty long and i havn’t read it in ages. It mostly describes the story though- to avoid spoilers i supposed you shouldn’t read it the whole way through? But feel free if you want!
- Fragile hearts -
Has hidden meanings i suppose, you be the judge!
This is a continuance of this series of “cross sectioning” i always wanted to do (started with this one - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11530926/)This is of a prehistoric dolphin of some sort (it is however, fictional, i used no specific reference for number of fins and what not) However, I did use many refs for the placement of organs, though the last slice there might not be as accurate as i’d like since it’s impossible to find cross sections of anything…Also this is by no means how the spine of a creature like this would bend haha, i like to make these a mix of “study” and surrealismanyway, You’ll see more of these eventually with various sea and river life- perhaps the red tailed catfish is next, since it is my favorite- also title credit goes to Epiphany for my lack of a better title haha
As par request, uploading this here as well!A gift for a friend’s birthday! (Maelice@fa)