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slow-hurry: Hi! Which of your characters is your favorite?

Oh man that is hard to say- I would have to say Harland, Kasey, Olreck, Kifka and Ripur tie for my top babies aka favorite losers ; ; I need to actually draw my characters doing things….

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lockworkorange: Omgosh you are so flipping adorable!!


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Someone buy this baby pls! Fa is being junk again (or it’s the isp or…something, who knows) So promoting here- Send me an ask to place bids and i’ll be updating them via DA (or just bid there!)CURRENT BID:$35BUYOUT:$60http://meredies.deviantart.com/art/gryph-auction-488341316
He’s your’s for $50 if anyone wants him! Send me an ask to claim
'King'One of the main character from my plot ‘Kruos’
A very sloppy Temp ref for my fursona, Liaka. i was messing around with one of those textured brushes and the results were interesting to me. I may eventually recolor this in my regular style, to make it more official, since i do really like it. Note ledger on the side was inspired by commissionsbyj notes in their book Anonmal!
A quicky of my vaporeon Ganimede
- the fall -
A pigeon boop.slapped a seagull beak on there for kicks -
This was a lil boop i posted a while ago to twitter
A trade with Createdbyone of fa!