69 notes It really Irks me when i see people advertising “free cracked versions” of Sai

Please- just buy the program. It’s only around$70-$80 usd which is entirely acceptable for such a well made program. If everyone just downloads this for free, they will never come out with a new version. And people wonder why it has taken them like, 5 years to even have an update in the making (which is still not in english) Programing something like this isn’t easy- and people need to be paid for it. So please- if you really can’t buy it and need this cracked version, then yes, download it, then use that program to take commissions then go buy it anyway!! That’s what i did, and it’s the fair thing to do people. 

DO NOT REBLOG FREE CRACKED VERSIONS OF SAI! Instead, promote people to buy this beyond cheap program and promote the crack as only a last resort. People can DL PS all the want honestly, because adobe’s pricing is bullshit, but Sai? The price is fair, so just buy it. 

A trade with Createdbyone of fa! 

My workstation of sortsToday I received the desk mounted Arm for my tablet (attaches to the back and allows me to move it around freely) So far i’m loving it and it will allow me to rotate the tablet with ease while I’m working on it, a huge plus for me!Equipment:HP AIO Pavilion 23 PC Yiynova MSP19u+ Tablet MonitorHp brand (rebranded Ergotron) Desk mount armIntuos 5 wacom tablet (only for occasional touch up on the hp since I have to use the U+ with my laptop, AIOS don’t come with any external video outputs, the only draw back i’ve found with the computer so far and usb to vga ones are too low quality for my tastes)Washable! Logitech keyboardandddLarge high-quality stretched Canvas print, a collaboration gift from commissionsbyj and my partner lundi (background work) that i had printed a while back, still my favorite image of my baby Harland UuU (there is also a large canvas print in our room of the one of Witt too >____>) Lundi’s desk is under our loft bed to the left there and was previously shared by the both of us (it’s a 7 foot desk) so it’s felt better since i’ve moved it over here onto my own desk so we both have more space for our work stations. 
A continuation of this - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11082509/ promotion image for my side plot Kruos! Also Liaka’s new look?? She’s holding a kruos itself. If your interested in this kinda thing you could read this dumb thing- http://kruosyes.blogspot.com/ Though it’s pretty long and i havn’t read it in ages. It mostly describes the story though- to avoid spoilers i supposed you shouldn’t read it the whole way through? But feel free if you want!
- Fragile hearts -
Has hidden meanings i suppose, you be the judge!
This is a continuance of this series of “cross sectioning” i always wanted to do (started with this one - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11530926/)This is of a prehistoric dolphin of some sort (it is however, fictional, i used no specific reference for number of fins and what not) However, I did use many refs for the placement of organs, though the last slice there might not be as accurate as i’d like since it’s impossible to find cross sections of anything…Also this is by no means how the spine of a creature like this would bend haha, i like to make these a mix of “study” and surrealismanyway, You’ll see more of these eventually with various sea and river life- perhaps the red tailed catfish is next, since it is my favorite- also title credit goes to Epiphany for my lack of a better title haha
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As par request, uploading this here as well!A gift for a friend’s birthday! (Maelice@fa) 
A sketch i finished of a dragon design- decided to go with Pink teal and black since i’ve been itching to use the colors lately. AUCTION :Ended, now owned by Fumi-LEX Of da
Fens . A Sheet of Common Known 
Sorry, huge file -
A few Fens of Rum, a species very similar to the Canine. 
Full size it, tumblr compresses the quality a lotA ref for Olreck! Read things about him here-http://rum.wikispaces.com/0015